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*Flail* Thanking yesterday, Looking to tomorrow~ - I KNOW THAT PERSON! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
KH Gangstas: When's the Next Con?

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*Flail* Thanking yesterday, Looking to tomorrow~ [Jul. 9th, 2006|12:13 am]


Weee, anyoo. Well guys I hope everyone is doing well Post AX. Hanging with you guys on the roof of the convention center while watching Axel chan summon fireworks at Disneyland was one of the three highlights of AX for me. You guys all rock so much! *Bows*. I owe Axel chan and others alot (i need to give back some things nai).

There are three local cons that will be comming up in fall.

Ani-magic: sept 29-oct 1st, Lancaster, CA

Mikomicon: October 13-15, Northridge, CA

and PMX: October 28-29, Longbeach, CA

Mikomicon's going to be especially interesting. A few people from AX and I are forming team "Instant Noodles". We're going to be a Music improve group / a kind of "Host Club". Lol well not like the Anime Host Club. We're going to be hosting the "Wars" series at Mikomicon, like Console Wars (Sony Vs Nintendo) and Anime Wars (Naruto Vs Bleach) at AX. We're planning a Kingdom Hearts related event, we're just not sure who to Pit KH against. Ideas were KH vs GTA (it would be very intersting although it could get a little too dirty), or KH vs Disney itself. lol we'll see if you guys have any ideas on what would KH be a good match against please tell.

There is Anime Vegas (sept 2-4)~ if anyone might be going to that as well. I hope ya'll are doign well. Good times~ *bow*

[User Picture]From: shiney_axel
2006-07-09 08:47 pm (UTC)


Look at all the October cons! And Y con is like right between the last two, but in San Fran...woah so many. I never even knew! It just boggles the mind..so many conventions...I wish I could go to them all fooples.
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