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Hi. :3 Just posting a theoretical schedule. If anybody wants me to… - I KNOW THAT PERSON! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
KH Gangstas: When's the Next Con?

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[Jun. 23rd, 2006|08:59 pm]


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Hi. :3 Just posting a theoretical schedule. If anybody wants me to add stuff, lemme know, please.

Thursday, June 29th

10:30 PM -- Rikku, Raine and Juumou get in

Friday, June 30th

9:00 AM -- TTKs Group Leaves
12:00 PM -- Rikku, Raine, Juumou, Lo, Ko, and Ame get to Aneheim.
1:00 PM -- Pre-registration opens
1:30 PM -- Taco gets to Aneheim
8:00 PM -- Ansem gets to Aneheim
??? -- Prereg Party

Saturday, July 1st

1:00 PM -- Seating for CLAMP Panel
2:00 PM -- CLAMP Panel
3:00 PM -- Slash Gathering

Sunday, July 2nd

1:00 PM -- Consplayers Photoshoot (Lo, Ko, Ame)
2:00 PM -- Kingdom Hearts Gathering
5:00 PM -- Natuto Gathering
6:00 PM -- Masquerade Ball begins
7:00 PM -- Twilight Town Kids Photoshoot; Fullmetal Alchemist Gatherin

Monday, July 3rd

12:00 AM -- Consplayers Photoshoot (Lo, Ko)
8:00 PM -- Masquerade

Tuesday, July 4th

11:00 AM -- Gundam Wing Gathering
7:00 PM -- Closing Ceremonies/ my group leaves.

Gimme more stuff to put in- any other gatherings, panels, or events you want to keep your eye on. :3 For a full con programming schedule, go HERE, and for a list of the gatherings, go HERE.

[User Picture]From: kunoichi_life
2006-06-27 07:58 am (UTC)
Just popping in a comment to make note of some people that are supposed to be showing up at AX. Mana from Malice Mizer (gasp!), and Romi Paku (Voice of Edward Elric) are gonna show up too =), though I have yet to look at the schedule to see when.

Also, I'll be leaving Friday night and arriving in Aneheim at godawful hours of about 1 or 2 am XD. But sleep is for the weak! So I'll be zipping over to AX maybe around 9am? Hope to see you guys there =)
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