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Anime Expo 2006: Housing Arrangement and Updates - I KNOW THAT PERSON! [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
KH Gangstas: When's the Next Con?

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Anime Expo 2006: Housing Arrangement and Updates [Jun. 5th, 2006|12:33 am]


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This journal will be modified accordingly and placed in the Memories section for easy perusal. :3

Greetings, my little sea chickadees! My first official post in KH Gangstas! WOOOHOOOO. I feel so official and crud.

First item of business stands as thus: The HOUSING arrangement for the next con. If you know anything about this, let me know, okay? I'd like everybody's input so I can figure out my life. (NOTE: Please, if you have others staying with you who do not have livejournals, be sure to list them anyway!)


• Katy
• Rikku
• Ag
• Fur*
• Ansem*
• Xabbu
• Kazu

(Those marked with an asterisk "*" are pending members of the room(s).)

What are everyone elses' sleeping arrangements? Currently we have 11 people who are almost definately coming, and two pending people. All of our rooms were booked by Xabbu, of whom most people are not aware of, and he will most likely not be sharing his room with anybody who isn't part of our original group of friends, which should be taken into consideration. I need to figure out how we're going to group this so everybody is happy. :3 Give me your thoughts!

Topic Number Two will be posted tomorrow reguarding everyone's COSTUME STATUS; who are you going to cosplay as for Expo if you're going? Who will your friends cosplay as? Post tomorrow when you've got it!

Currently, the Kingdom Hearts gathering is set for SUNDAY AT 2:00 PM. There is also a Yaoi/Shounen Ai gathering set for SATURDAY AT 3:00 PM, for those who are keen. Keep these in mind while choosing cosplay. :3

HOLY SHIT, GUYS. There are over 112 registered Kingdom Hearts cosplayers for Anime Expo!! SNAPPITY SNAP SNAP!! Look alive in reguards to your costumes~!! Check out the thread on the gathering HERE.

Post with any questions, input or thoughts.

[User Picture]From: taconaco
2006-06-05 08:04 am (UTC)
UHHH I may need night-staying just for the weekend. But I still have to see which days I will get off for Fourth of July :O.

And HOLY SHIT so many KH cosplayers. Wah. I am going to have competition for my costume XD XD;;.
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[User Picture]From: amenislytherin
2006-06-05 02:13 pm (UTC)
Gotcha, I'll add you to the list as well. :3

Yea, I'm feeling all defensive randomly about Hayner now. XD *pets him* I must make sure every detail is perfect.
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From: ansemheartless
2006-06-05 12:04 pm (UTC)
Saaa, Tallis said Ansem should be finished. So I'll go. But I kinda need to know which airport to fly into. O.o Anahiem dun got one? I'll also need hotel info and stuffs.
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[User Picture]From: amenislytherin
2006-06-05 02:16 pm (UTC)
Well.. there are a few airports (there's a list here).. the most well known of which are Burbank and LAX.. but... LAX on Fourth of July Weekend.. KTHNXNO.

..I hesitate to say this, but... if we get enough cars going down there... you could join up with the MASSIVE group of people staying at my house the night before, and then you could fly into the Santa Barbara airport on the 30th, it's a lot smaller... but I don't know, because at this rate we've already got my five local homies PLUS Juumou PLUS Possibly Raine and Ag. Plus me. Which means we'd need more than one car already. XD
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From: ansemheartless
2006-06-05 04:20 pm (UTC)
I can do that. Just let me know times and dates of the hotel and stuff.
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From: ansemheartless
2006-06-05 06:13 pm (UTC)
>.o The cheapest is going to LAX. 360 going that way. 560 going to Santa Barbara. How far is it from the hotel? Maybe I can get a taxi.
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[User Picture]From: shinji_kiriyama
2006-06-05 03:58 pm (UTC)
hey all shun here. I'm running the Kingdom Hearts gathering at Anime Expo this year. I'm pretty sure I know most of you guys from fanime, though I was only Riku for one and didn't get to wear my final form xemnas like i wanted to, but AX is another story ^_^ Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you guys more (stupid masq and their sillyness)

ANYWAY! Hayner pointed out this group on my cosplay.com thread and since I don't know who you guys are personally, I don't know who's going as who or what to call you on the cosplay.com thread, so if you guys can give me nicknames and who you're going as, I'll go ahead and add all of you to the list^^ Right now (no lie) we have 112 people and are aiming to be the biggest gathering this year, so you guys will definitely help us with that I'm sure hehe.

On another note, If you guys are still needing room space, my room (which is basically filled with kh cosplayers already hehe) is open. We're gonna be in the marriott from the 30th to the 5th, so if anyone needs a place to crash or put their stuff in between that time, just let me know ^_^ see you guys at ax!


P.S. - Is this a private club here or can anyone join, hm? Cuz I'd love to meet up with you guys at AX sometime with my kh group. Laters!
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[User Picture]From: amenislytherin
2006-06-06 07:46 am (UTC)
Hi, Shun! :3

We're gonna have a master list of our cosplayers up soon- hopefully this weekend, after the admin (me) is finished with her finals! XD Loveage.

This community is open to any and all Kingdom Hearts cosplay fans- especially those from Fanime. :3 See you at Expo! ♥ Be sure to check in for updates! We might try planning some games or photo ops for Expo. Yay! You can be very much involved.

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